St. Patricia

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  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione
  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione
  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione


Patricia of Constantinople was born in the seventh century. She was from a family of nobility and believed to be a descendant of Constantine the Great. Wanting to escape an arranged marriage and become a nun, Patricia went to Rome. Upon the death of her father, she returned to Constantinople, renounced the imperial crown, and distributed her wealth to the poor. She then set off on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but her boat was shipwrecked on the shores of Naples. She died shortly thereafter in 665 AD from disease. Upon her death a zealous man pulled out one of her teeth causing her body to hemorrhage. Her followers collected the blood and exposed it. It then liquified and has done so on her feast day (August 25) and on every Tuesday ever since.


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