St. Rose

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  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione
  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione
  • COPYRIGHT ©2019 Kathleen Piccione


St. Rose was born in 1586 in Lima, Peru. Though her name was Isabel, she was nicknamed “Rose” because of her beauty. She wanted to become a nun so she often fasted and prayed for long hours and did many painful penances. As she became older her beauty attracted many suitors. She would rub pepper on her face to make it blister and cut her hair short. Her family finally relented and allowed her to remain cloistered in her room. She would wear a silver crown with spikes to mimic the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and often times her head would receive deep wounds from it. She predicted her own death at 31 years old and was canonized in1671. She is considered the patron saint of beauty, florists, gardeners, and those who suffer with family problems.


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